Hair Colour Services

The right colour shade
adds depth and movement to your hairstyle.

Colour Services

At MSN our colour services range from full head dye and highlights to more fashion-led treatments. Our personalised service considers your natural hair ton variation so that we can offer the right hair colour shade to add depth and movement to your hairstyle. The value of well-placed colours creates a high shine healthy-looking finish and gives the illusion of volume to fine hair


Balayage. It is a low maintenance look that won’t leave you with harsh regrowth and no need for rushing back to the salon every four weeks for touch up. It grows out gracefully.


Full or half head highlights. Our approach very much tailored to the individual. We will always keep in mind the condition and texture of our client’s hair, and with the right colour shades and placement, we can emphasise the movement and feel of your hairstyle.

Before & After Balayage Hairstyles